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[Event] Tears Of The Platinum Dragon

26/3/2023, 20:48 - TauronStaff

A fiery air spreads through Sosaria, in recent weeks the Dragons of our world are agitated and seek revenge! The dragons' nests located all over Sosaria have been desecrated, someone has stolen the precious dragon eggs that should soon have hatched, the only lair still not desecrated is that of the Platinum Dragon.

More info: here

[TEST EVENT] Vice vs Virtue Supremacy - Final Test Center Battle

20/3/2023, 20:58 - TauronStaff

The VvV Supremacy Event will start at 21:30 on Thursday 23 March
the saving of the morning restart of the Main Server will be activated
then some hours first the start of the events you can enter the game to join the VvV with the guilds
or set macro settings and more for the event:

More info: here

[TEST EVENT] The Siege's Return - Test Center

28/2/2023, 23:50 - TauronStaff

The Siege is back!
Are you ready to face the Abominations and the Harbingers?

The 13 March at 09:30pm

More info: here

[TEST EVENT] Vice vs Virtue BETA - Test Center

28/2/2023, 23:47 - TauronStaff

The four Factions that for years have clashed on Sosaria change their faces!
The VvV or Vice versus Virtue system has been introduced in OSI to replace the old Faction system
it is a system based along the lines of Order versus Chaos but has many differences compared to the two previous player versus player systems.

The first Beta Test will be held on the Test Center Premium
to access it just change the server port:

IP:​ PORT: 2596

The test event will be held on Saturday 4 March at 21:30

More info: here

[Event] The Will Of Heart

8/2/2023, 18:30 - TauronStaff

On Valentine's Day
our fellow Gargoyles
invite us to Royal City for
tell us a story full of
passion and purity
the love that surpasses
the boundaries of life...

More info: here

[Event] Another Christmas Trouble

23/12/2022, 0:53 - TauronStaff

We are about to enter the Christmas season and as always
we face some problems...
The Krampus hordes started early this year
to terrorize the population, stealing food and
rotting the reserves of the population.

We have also come to know that they have disappeared
some of the elves loyal to Santa Claus...

More info: here


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