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Online characters list
The Illustrious Alecs Balinor [XvL]
- Wedlock
BettinaThe Illustrious Bizzocram [KP]
- Marek
Black Lotus Brother Wolf [MEX]
- El Gringo
The Glorious Lady Buana Banana [KP]The Notable BullDogs [XvL]
- Phil
The Eminent Carry [/\/\]
- La Bella Gm
The Proper Checkmate [/\/\]
- Check
The Admirable Childman [KP]The Glorious Lord Connery [/\/\]
- Daniel
Lord DalfinThe Glorious Lord Darkvince [KP]
The Evil Lady DeSdEmOnA [WaR]The Dark Lord Efesto [KP]
Lord El Chino Gordo [MEX]
- Sangre y Muerte
The Noble Lord Ennio Doris [/\/\]
- Aviopane
Eolwinn ErMiner D'ottone [RDR]
- Er Capo
The Renowned Fatiatore [CdtC] Franco [BARI]
- Kin D Merd
Lady Full Metal Craft [-TC-]
Lord Geppo [SoD]
- Tiran
The Good Guybrush TMPT [KP] Historia
The Fair IceBlueThe Glorious Lord Imperius [TMG]
The Dread Lord IREGAST [WaR]
The Distinguished Lord John Dorian [/\/\]
- JD
The Scoundrel Jose El Magnific [/\/\]
- Anubis
The Dishonored Lady KeTaMinE
The Sinister Lancillotto [E0S]
- Last EOS Knight
The Scoundrel LiArS NeMeSiS [R0M]
- Lu Rubu PneumaticU
Lord Liuk [KP]
- Ven Worker
The Glorious Lady Lucyl [/\/\]
- Lucyl
MaestroLord Manji [/\/\]
- All
Lord Masamune [ANAS]The Unsavory Mastro Arcaio [XvL]
- Kiso
Lord Mastro CiliegiaThe Renowned Mefistofele [RdS]
Minas [RdS]
- Druido
Lord Nino [IPIS]
- In Terzis
The Glorious Lady Nymeria Menethil [XvL]
- Tempesta
The Glorious Lady Omm E Nient [SoD]
The Dread Orcus [/\/\]
- Leviathan
Pino dei palazzi
The Distinguished Lord PlinioThe Outcast PsyoniX SystemS [SoD]
SaliceThe Estimable Shadow [HaTe]
The Illustrious Lady Silver Haze [OnE]The Glorious ToRename [Xvl]
Lady travaglio [VeL] Trismegisto
Lord Trumber Unicorn Fish
The Illustrious Lord UnknownLord VALENTINO [KP]
Lord Vis [CD]
- Producer
Lord Volcom [TMG]
- Dippi
The Famed Vraska [/\/\]Lord Walter White [SoW]
Lord Worker IILord Yves St Germain [/\/\]
Lord Zodraz

Invisible ones: 8
Total: 67
Max: 120

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