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Online characters list
The Glorious Ailea Serpeverde [SoD]The Glorious Lady AshWin [PaiN]
- Rame Liquido
The Wretched Avir GrimLocK [/\/\]Lord BACTERIA XII [BOT]
- sono afk
The Despicable Bad Flash [R0M]
Chopper Starring [/\/\]
Lady CirceThe Sinister Lady Classic Fusion [BOT]
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
The Noble Cluster [A†N]
- Master
The Glorious Lady Com Truise [D284]
The Dread Daeny Targaryen [/\/\]
- Manus
The Dread Lord IllidaN WarlorD [SF]
- Tempesta's Worker
The Honest Ingarda [XxX]Lord INGLOR [XxX]
The Malicious Ishikawa Goemon [/\/\]The Eminent Lady Leia Organa [TMG]
The Villainous lootinspector [/\/\]
- 0rb1t
Lord MrBlack [/\/\]
- Wizard
The Glorious Lady Narika Dragonwing Oscuro Custode [KP]
The Renowned Re KaioH [/\/\]The Evil Lady Reyetta [XxX]
- Reya
The Glorious Lady Signor Wilson [TMG]
- Tiru
Sir Pepitos
SpartanoLord Stark Industries [/\/\]
- Leeroy
StrOpABuS [/\/\]
- Bigna
The Commendable Tir [KP]
The Despicable Umix [R0M] V'
Lord VALENTINO [KP]The Prominent Varda Elbereth
The Glorious Lady Vincent Vega [KP]The Nefarious Visara [KP]
- Sacred Keeper
Lord Volcom [KP]Lord Worker II
Lady XWF [/\/\]
- Callisto

Invisible ones: 17
Total: 37
Max: 124

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