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The Quest Dungeon

The History

The Dungeons of Sosaria are increasingly invaded by hideous creatures, some of them have been abandoned and no adventurer has set foot there for a long time...
After an emergency council took place in Britain between Lord British and Lord Blackthorn it was decided to activate the "Order of the Hunter", an ancient order that in the past was dedicated to cleaning up dungeons and averting dangers. The Order of the Hunter was also famous for being composed of mercenaries and warriors who had left the armies of Sosaria in a clandestine way, many of them entered the Order precisely to atone for their sins but at the same time persisted in their nature.
For this reason it was decided to hire a commander to hold the ranks of the Order, after deciding that this was the right path to take, Desmond was called to the palace, one of the oldest guards who defended the city of Britain and was entrusted with the task of keeping The Order of Hunter in line by acquiring the title of "Dungeon Master".
Desmond will then entrust the missions and manage the Hunters who will divide themselves into the various Dungeons waiting for some fearless adventurers to want to help the Order.

What is The Quest Dungeon

The Quest Dungeon has been for years on UODreams the main event where you could acquire rich rewards, but there are substantial differences between the old Quest Dungeon and the new:

In the past the quest consisted of a list of secret kill requests of various mobs in the dungeons and at the end, when the list of all mobs was completed a reward was awarded.

The new Quest Dungeon instead consists of a real "quest", in fact it will be possible to start it by accepting the quest "The Quest Dungeon" from the Quest Dungeon Master who will tell you which Dungeon to go to and the list of mobs to be completed in the relative Dungeon.

Guide to The Quest Dungeon

Desmond The Quest Dungeon Master

The quest starts in Britain in the courtyard of Lord British's castle where you will find Desmond The Quest Dungeon Master from which you can accept the main mission The Quest Dungeon.

Desmond The Quest Dungeon Master will ask you to complete a Quest Dungeon Book that you can buy from the same NPC at a cost of 10,000 Gold.

The Reward of the quest will be a Quest Dungeon Reward Box with one of the possible final prizes inside

Quest Dungeon Book

The Quest Dungeon Book is a book that contains the list of Dungeons to do, it is delivered by accepting the quest from Desmond The Quest Dungeon Master by opening it you will be able to read the list of Dungeons:

The names of the Dungeons in the list will appear red, to complete a Dungeon you will need to go to the relevant Dungeon and complete the quest of the Hunter who will give you the Token to be inserted in the Quest Dungeon Book, For example, if you complete the "Despise" quest and insert the token in the main Book, the name of the Dungeon will change color to green. When all the objectives are completed by delivering the Tokens received from the Hunters, the book will be completed and will also turn green, at this point it will be possible to reach Desmond The Quest Dungeon Master and deliver it in order to receive the prize.

Dungeon Quests

After opening the Quest Dungeon Book you can decide which Dungeon to start the quest from, it will not be necessary to follow a predetermined order, you can accept multiple quests at the same time and go to the related dungeon, the kill of the mobs will have value only if they are made in the related Dungeon of the quest, for the Dungeons that exist both on Trammel and on Felucca the kill will be valid on both facets.

Completing the Hunter's request and returning to him will reward the Token of the relative Dungeon that you will have to insert inside the Quest Dungeon Book.


- The kills of the mobs are valid only in the Dungeon where the quest was taken.
- You can hold more than one Quest Dungeon Book at a time, but each book weighs 20 Stones
- You can repeat the same Dungeon quest several times by receiving the same Token to insert in another Book
- Multiple quests can be taken from Dungeon Hunters at the same time but not from the same Hunter.
- The Quest Dungeon Book and the Token can't be placed wherever you want in the bag and if dragged to the ground they will be deleted.
- Some Quests of the old system such as the one related to the collection of bones to enter Doom or that of the Anthill could cause problems in acquiring the right to kill, it is advisable not to keep them active together.
- If when trying to Deliver the Complete Quest Dungeon Book the npc does not give the reward, 1) Remove the Toggle Quest Item from the book. 2) Resigning the quest "The Quest Dungeon". 3) Pick up the quest from Desmond, Toggle Quest Item on the Quest Dungeon Book Completed and deliver.

Quest Dungeon Reward

When you complete the quest you will receive a Quest Dungeon Reward Box which can contain a Quest Point check of various values or if you are lucky one of the following special items::

Conjurer's Garb
Mana Regeneration 2
Luck 140
Defense Chance Increase 5%
Strength Requirement 10

Conjurer's Trinket
Undead Slayer
Strength Bonus 1
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Damage Increase 20%
Strength Requirement 10

Alchemist's Abomination
Defense Chance 15%
Enhance Potions 25%
Faster Cast Recovery 3
Faster Casting 2
Lower Mana Cost 16%

Shroud Of Tal'Keesh
Strength Requirement 10

Batlin's Inner Voice
Defense Chance Increase 10%
Mana Regeneration 2
Stamina Regeneration 2
Random Resist 10%

Artisian's Esteem
Eval Intelligence +20
Defense Chance Increase 20%
Enhance Potions 25%
Faster Cast Recovery 3
Spell Damage Increase 15%

General Lethe's Epaulettes
Faster Cast Recovery 1
Lower Reagent Cost 10%
Mana Increase 8
Mana Regeneration 1
Strength Requirement 10

Lord Morphius Epaulettes
Lower Mana Cost 3%
Stamina Regeneration 2
Stamina Increase 8
Swing Speed Increase 10%
Strength Requirement 10

Solaria's Secret Poisons
Ninjitsu +10
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Durability 255/255

Yukio's Glass Earrings
Luck 125
Spell Damage Increase 15%
Durability 255/255

Dr Spector's Lenses
Intelligence Bonus 8
Lower Mana Cost 8%
Mana Regeneration 4
Spell Damage Increase 12%
Lower Reagent Cost 10%
Physical Resist 5%
Fire Resist 10%
Cold Resist 14%
Poison Resist 20%
Energy Resist 20%
Strength Requirement 45
Durability 255/255

Balron Bone Armor
Dexterity Bonus 5
Hit Point Increase 5
Intelligence Bonus 5
Lower Mana Cost 8%
Mana Increase 8
Stamina Increase 8
Strength Bonus 5
Physical Resist 15%
Fire Resist 15%
Cold Resist 15%
Poison Resist 15%
Energy Resist 15%
Strength Requirement 60
Durability 255/255

Quest Point Check
Random Check Value
Point Check 150
Point Check 200
Point Check 250
Point Check 350
Point Check 450
Point Check 500

Quest Dungeon Collection

Also inside the Quest Dungeon Reward Box you can find one of the following Statuettes from the Quest Dungeon Collection representing the Monsters, Named and Bosses of the event dungeons:


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