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Game Utilities

There's a lot of third-party programs aimed at improving the quality and speed of play.

We suggest some of them, what we think are the best.


UOSteam is the assistant for Ultima Online of the latest generation.
Brings with it many features that in other assistants you have to add manually through the creation of macros, or you had to resort to using other programs.


Razor is a program with many features that will help and speed up many operations while playing Ultima Online.
It works the same way with both 2D and 3D UltimaOnline.
Razor also replaces the laucher of UO.

Razor Enhanced

Razor Enhanced is a new advanced version derived from .NET client for Ultima Online Razor

Enhanced Map

Enhanced Map is a much improved version of the "radar" included in the game (can be opened with ALT + R). By KaRaShO'.

UoDreams Tool

Amdir Decay Kills

(Windows / Linux)

The latest invention of our Amdir, a simple but very useful little program that allows you to serve the kills without opening the Ultima Online client and very easy to refresh your account. Useful to support our shard increasing our number of players online without taking up any resources of your computer.

Gramoz UoD Toolbar

This toolbar always up to date, allows a faster and easier browse of the site and the UODreams forum; also has a section of useful links and supports a chat outside. In addition, thanks to it, you can "give" your daily vote to support the shard with a quick and easy click. Browsers supported: Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox and Chrome. S.O. Supported: Windows, Mac and Linux .


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