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Boats are lead by a tillerman, an NPC who never abandons his place. Tillermans never fight, they just obey. Moreover, the tillerman obeys to his nearest player. A good tactic, in fights, is to create a wall near the tillerman, so that he will not obey enemies.


Tillermans obey to these commands:
  • ALT 8 - Unfurl sail, forward

  • ALT 5 - Furl sail, stop

  • ALT 3 - Drop anchor

  • ALT 1 - Raise anchor

  • ALT 4 - Turn left, port, left, drift left

  • ALT 6 - Turn right, starboard, right, drift right

  • ALT 2 - Go backward (reverses the ship)

  • Turn around, come about.

  • Forward left, forward right, backward left, backward right, back left, back right, backward, back

  • Slow forward, slow left, slow right, slow backwards, slow back

  • One forward, one left, one right, one backwards, one back

These commands are usefull for a fast trip, but for a long one a map is preferred.

Some macros are bound to some commands, as you can see in the upper list.

Define a path

An abandoned ship, without captain, will meet a cruel fate. If all the passengers log out in the middle of a cruise, without re-logging in a short time, their ship will be in danger.

If the path is correctly defined, the boat will end its trip near an island, but it will sink if it's abandoned for several hours. In this case, the boat and its content will be irreparably lost, and all the passengers will log on land. It is also possible to log on an island, and you won't come back, if another boat won't pass near you.

Even if your boat is correctly anchored, it can vanish, if not used for a while. This will hardly happen if the boat is in a big dock, but it is very likely if the boat is on a savage ground. It is not sufficient to leave npcs to guard it, a player must use it (not necessary the master).

Navigation with Maps

All the maps, cartographer ones too, can be used to navigate.
Each map has a button, which can be used to start drawing a path, simply clicking in several points. The boat will move following this order. It is possible to remove a point simply by dragging it out of the map: the final path will be modified consequently.

The boat will move following the lines on the map, it won't avoid any coastline, so it is up to you to draw a good path.

How to use a map

Once drawn the path, give it to the tillerman. He will give it back to you after storing the path. You can give this command to the tillerman:

  • Start

  • Continue

  • Goto #: will move to the # point, and then continue the path

  • Single #: will stop to # point

  • Nav: the tillerman will say towards which point you are going to


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