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Lizard Passage

Tema del Dungeon: Nessuno (Reptile all'ingresso e all'uscita)

The Lizard Passage is a single level tunnel that leads to a secluded area located in Ilshenar that is sometimes referred to as the Wyrm's Lair. Its closest moongate is Humility, but Honesty will get you there as well. All of the creatures in Ilshenar have a 1-in-20 chance of being a Paragon version. A word to the wise is sufficient. Entrance From Honesty, simply travel west across the swamps of Nox Tereg. From Humility, you must look for one of the two passages that cross the mountainous ridge that bisects the area, east to west. The passages are surrounded by bleached bones.

Alla fine del passaggio ci si trover in uno spiazzo circondato da montagne chiamato Ancient Wyrm Lair dove, come dice il nome ci si trover ad affrontare la omonima feroce creatura oltre ai sui alleati.


Just outside the Lizard Passage, is the Lizardman Village enclave of five buildings. There is no spawn inside the Passage.


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