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Primeval Lich Champion Spawn

Primeval Lich Champion Spawn is one of the two champions of the Stygian Abyss expansion.

The entire region of the champ is located on Felucca and there are two entries:

  • the first is from the third level of Deceit (Felucca)

  • the second is in the Abyss Dungeon (Quest entrata Abyss)

Map of the area champ

  1. Entry from the Abyss Dungeon.

  2. Entry from Deceit (Felucca)

  3. Exit for Lost Lands Desert (Felucca)

  4. Exit for Lost Lands SouthEast Papua (Felucca) e Resurrection Ankh

  5. Lever Puzzle

  6. Champion Altar

Champion Spawn features

Primeval Lich Champion Spawn
Level 1: Gore Fiends, Vampire Bats
Level 2: Flesh Golems, Dark Wisps
Level 3: Undead Gargoyles, Wights
Level 4: Skeletal Drakes, Dream Wraiths
Boss: Primeval Lich

Decorative Item

During the progression of Champion Spawn static decorative items will appear and as the champ advances there will be the possibility that one of these items will be duplicated and collected. These items can be found in the same location as the static ones but they are very difficult to distinguish being a copy of the statics that once the boss is out they will disappear unlike their copies.
Many of these objects are divided into pieces, for example the Vat is made up of 6 pieces, while others are made of one piece. All the objects that can be collected in the area of the champ are not functional, for example the Soulforge is a simple decorative item or the iron Maiden does not have the same function as the anniversary award.

  • Activation Brambles, Fallen Branch and Lever

  • 5 Red Candle Graves, Gravestone, Small Banana Three, Ankh (2 pieces), Vat (6 pieces), Bone Piles (8 pieces), Small Banana Tree and Glowing Rune (only one type)

  • 9 Red Candle Iron Maiden, Death Vortex, Rack, Skull, Crystal Pedestal, Pixie Thropy, Large Stone Spike and Stone Spike.

  • 13 Red Candle Sparkle, Glowing Rune , Plinth, Soulforge, White Lava Tile, Lava Falls, Rock, Boulder, Pipe Cactus, Large Banana Three, Demon Skull, Ore Cart (2 pieces), Body Part, Wall Torch, Three Piece Wall Tile (3 pieces), Dragon Head, Executioner Platform (9 pieces) and la Pillory (12 pieces)

Lever Puzzle

Once the champ has been activated, 8 colored levers will appear inside the structure near the altar, only 6 of these can be used while the remaining two are to be excluded because if double-click they teleport in a random spot of the champ.

By performing the right combination you will receive a prize between:

  1. Random 1.0 Scroll of Transcendence

  2. Red o Black Bone Container

  3. Gruesome Standard

  4. Totem

  5. Bag of gems

  6. Complete Pillory or Executioner Platform Deed

  7. A random piece of decorations that spawn in the area of the champ

Restless Bones

With the advance of the Champion Spawn near the altar will appear bones called "Restless Bones", these bones are named and if you return to the same tomb double-clicking them and targetting the naming Gravestone you can receive a defensive bonus that allows you to suffer less damage is magical that physical or a Soul Gem that can be thrown at the Primeval Lich to harm him.

The Prisoner

At some point in the Champ will appear a Prisoner on the Pillory, if it is doubled and then released can help with the holding of the champ by killing monsters or in some cases will attack who released him.

Champion Drops

SA Artifact and Champion Artifact:
  • Banshee's Call
  • Cast-Off Zombie Skin
  • Channeler's Defender
  • Protector of the Battle Mage
  • Token of Holy Favor
  • Light's Rampart [Replica]
  • The Most Knowledge Person [Replica]
  • Lieutenant of The Britannian Royal Guard [Replica]

  • Mummified Corpse

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